How to empower yourself to make the right decision every single time

Empower yourself
A lot of women and men come to me with relationship questions.
“Should I date this person?”, “Should I get a divorce?”… “Help me Sylvia, what should I do about this situation? I’m so confused!”.
Now don’t get me wrong, seeking help and guidance is wonderful and in a way empowering. Empowering yourself enough to seek help or validation. There is nothing wrong with that and in some cases I do highly recommend seeking help when you feel lost.
However… I do believe every person is his or her greatest guide/guru/leader.

We call this inner guide the higher self. Your higher self always knows what’s best for you in every situation. The higher self has a ‘birds-eye-view’ of what is going on in your life, your body, mind and soul. It knows your souls journey and what’s best for you.

When I do a reading for someone, I connect to their higher self and the soul communicates what the person needs to know or what is in their best interest.
Sometimes people aren’t happy with what their higher self has to say because it might not be what they want right now. But in the long run it is what will make that person reach their goals. The higher self guides them to stay on their path and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

There is a simple way YOU can empower YOURSELF to make the right decisions in life.
We all need guidance and validation from time to time but self-empowerment is so important for your personal growth.
Knowledge of self is what makes you grow.
With every reading I give I always give people tools and/or advice on how they can empower themselves so they don’t need my or anyone’s help.
This is what Nova Light Warrior is all about. It’s a platform I use to help, inspire, guide and teach people how to empower themselves. Not being stuck in a victim mentality but taking the bull by the horns, facing their fears, choices, decisions and overcoming them.

Now i’m giving you a simple technique, which you can try when you’re faced with these relationship questions, or any questions for that matter.
I also used this method regarding a work related decision, which ended up being the right choice.
Instead of telling others about the choice I had to make and knowing what their reaction would be. I decided to turn inwards and let my higher self speak. It told me to leave a particular freelance project because the environment wasn’t good for me and I wasn’t happy. Even though the money was great! After I made the decision to leave, it felt like a large weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was suddenly very happy knowing I had made this decision. After sharing it with colleagues I heard a lot of negative stories from them that confirmed that I had indeed made the right decision. Others had apparently also been contemplating to leave but they were too afraid to lose their financial security. They stayed out of fear and weren’t happy. To me the financial security wasn’t worth giving up my happiness. My happiness is more important and I refused to let myself be ruled by fear.
This is why it is so important to follow your inner guidance. Do not let others tell you what’s best for you.

The technique
Now let’s say you would like to make a decision regarding a (potential) partner.

Go to a quiet place, close your eyes and turn your attention inwards. Now imagine your life with that person… what would it look like? Just let your mind run free and be receptive to what it is you are seeing. How do you feel when you’re with that person? Are you happy?

And now imagine your life without that person… what would it look like? Again… let your mind run free without trying to control it and be open and receptive to what it is you are seeing and/or feeling.

Does your energy contract? Or does it expand? Know that your energy expands when it is happy, it expands when you make the right decision and when the choice or path you take is in your best interest.
Energy contracts when something is not in your best interest. For instance, do you feel a pressure in your stomach, chest, throat or heart when you think about leaving someone? Then know that it won’t be in your best interest to leave them. Also pay attention to your breathing, is it free flowing? Or is it shallow? Does the decision make you feel stressed? Or calm? This is the best way to listen to your higher self, for (s)he always knows what’s for your highest good. Listen to this inner voice, your intuition, your higher self… your soul and act upon it. This way you will always be assured you’ve made the right decision.

I am currently creating a FREE guided meditation to help assist you in clearing your mind so you can receive guidance from your higher self clearly.
I will guide you through this process step-by-step. The audio will be available soon. I will link the audio here when it’s available.

Guided meditation: How to empower yourself to make the right decision: Relationships

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