The Light Warrior: Understanding, Alliance and Playlist

Most in the spiritual community are familiar and resonate with being a ‘Lightworker’. However, the ‘Light Warrior’ is lesser known. From experience I can say that every Light Warrior is a Lightworker, but not every Lightworker is a Light Warrior.

They can be similar but there are a few distinct differences between the two. The Lightworker mainly focusses on the light and teaches the way of the light. Whether it is one-on-one or in front of a large group. They help guide people (and/or animals) towards the light, whether they are alive or deceased. (They also help spirits cross over) A lot of these Lightworkers came here with this particular mission. To help, comfort and guide people (and/or animals) towards the light. They have a very gentle approach towards others. However, they can be very harsh on themselves because they force themselves to be “love and light” and can sometimes forget that they’re human.

They prefer not to look at the dark side of things and prefer to stay within the light at all times. There are a lot of Lightworkers who deny the existence of the dark/darkness. Sometimes this is because they do not experience darkness themselves, sometimes it simply isn’t in their soul contract because they have to focus on the light. And sometimes they are only confronted by their own demons/shadows, therefore they do not believe there are dark forces outside of themselves. What they do not realise, is that Light Warrior’s are often the ones protecting them from these outside dark forces.

Light Warriors see all sides of the coin. They see and acknowledge both the light and dark, within and without. They are incredibly honest with themselves and with others. They have a strong urge to protect and fight for the light, whether on earth or in the astral realms. Compared to the Lightworker’s gentle approach, the Light Warrior can be very blunt, empowering and can have a tough love approach if the situation calls for it. However, they can of course have a very gentle approach as well. Light Warriors can and often will experience attacks from dark outside forces, this is their training, but they are also targets to the dark forces. They are targeted because they are powerful and can easily see through darkness, manipulation and corruption. They literally see everything, no matter how unpleasant or controversial.

“Where the Lightworker prefers to look away from darkness, the Light Warrior faces the darkness head on and illuminates it.” – Sylvia de Boer

2020 has been a very interesting year, to say the least. Many Light Warriors have been called to action, and so have I. Many years ago I realised that I didn’t resonate with some Lightworkers. But I knew I was a Lightworker, so this was very confusing to me. I met Lightworkers who denied that dark outside forces existed, even though I had experienced several outside attacks and have had many dreams where I was fighting dark forces in the astral realms. I also had dreams where I deliberately went down into the dark realms to bring souls towards the light.

When I heard about Light Warriors, something instantly clicked. I started to get more and more confirmation, and several psychics told me that I work very hard in the astral planes to fight darkness. Which made me realise that my dreams weren’t just dreams. I was also called a “gatekeeper” once. Someone who brings souls to where they want to go. Towards the light, or towards the dark. And if they change their mind, I take them out of the dark and bring them to the light. Which explains my other dreams, where I literally went into the dark realms to bring frightened souls towards the light. It can drain my energy sometimes, so I try my best to find balance. I also have a strong urge to fight for justice, truth, light, freedom and will always fight for the underdog.

When it comes to the 3D world, i’ve always been very aware of things that go on “behind the scenes”, hidden agenda’s, manipulation, corruption, you name it. I am lucky to have a father who has been awake since the 70’s and showed me early on to question everything. I always see the bigger picture because I can’t look at one side. I have to look at all sides before I can make an informed decision. For many years I saw a lot of things happening in the world and I was vocal about it, but decided to focus on spirituality instead. Then 2020 happened and I felt a major push, all alarm bells went off, especially because of everything I saw that was happening in the years before. I saw trough the agenda’s and my inner fire started burning brighter than ever. This was war. Not a war against a virus. But a spiritual war between the light and dark. The people against the elite. This triggered my Light Warrior spirit more than ever, and I was guided to create Light Warrior Alliance. I wanted to create designs people could wear to declare their sovereignty towards the outside world and give people an empowering voice against darkness.

Light Warriors: realise how powerful you truly are.
A message of hope and support (video)

On January 20th 2021, I felt another strong push from spirit to create a video of hope for Light Warriors. Out of the blue, I channeled an entire video of hope for the Light Warriors out there. The video was divinely guided and the response I received was truly mind blowing. A lot of people got very emotional, some cried a lot but all of them said that the video gave them hope. The video did very well and I was guided to expand Light Warrior Alliance into something more than a merchandise line.

I just started building the website Light Warrior Alliance and i’m not quite sure what Light Warrior Alliance will eventually turn into. But what I do know, is that it will be completely guided by spirit. And i’m simply the one bringing it into the physical. I feel that Light Warrior Alliance will focus on providing support to all the Light Warriors out there. Making them feel heard, understood and supported.

Besides this video, I was also guided to create a Spotify playlist for all the Light Warriors out there. Music has a very powerful effect on the psyche, our emotional body and on our energy field in general. If you ever feel down, defeated or in need of positive energy. Feel free to listen to this empowering playlist. It will sure lift up your spirits, and get you back in alignment. I also added a Spiritually themed playlist for the time you feel too much fire and feel the need to relax.

New music will be added to these playlists all the time. I hope you enjoy these playlists and if you have songs for me to add, then feel free to leave the names of the songs in the comment section below.

Much love, Sylvia de Boer

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