About Sylvia

My story
Growing up in a European-Asian household I had the best of both worlds.
I grew up with my mother’s spiritual side (Thai Theravada Buddhism) and my father’s open-minded agnostic and more scientific side.
This turned out to be a perfect combination for me. My upbringing led me to be open-minded, accepting, objective and spiritually aware. A perfect match to my Aquarian sun sign.
Being open-minded and having the innovative creative Aquarian traits, led me to a life full of creativity and ambition. I started dancing from the age of 6 which turned into a professional career as a dancer, teacher and choreographer from the age of 17. (HipHop New Style).
I studied Multimedia, Audiovisual Specialist Video Editing and Image & Media Technology.
In 2010 I officially started my own company Nova Visuals. Which was my main source of income until december 2022.

Update: I have since been in the process of starting a new company Eclectic Soul Expressions. Which is a spiritually focused webshop with unique products. I’m also in the process of rebranding my portfolio website to showcase more of my spiritual side. SylviadeBoer.com 

I have always been highly sensitive but it wasn’t until later that I started growing into and developing my spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. My mind and voice of reason always kept both my feet firmly on the ground even though I knew that there was much more out there than we are able to perceive. I often ‘knew’ things to be true or false by heart. I really didn’t like dogmatic thinking from a very young age so religion was something I stayed clear off. The things they were preaching felt very false to me and at that time I was only about 6 or 7 years old. It was a kind of ancient wisdom I carried with me and I never really fitted in with people my own age… I always preferred spending my time with older kids or adults. To this day, at 36 years old (update 2023), I still tend to gravitate towards people who are a couple of years or much older than I am.

After my grandmother died in 2010 I started to completely immerse myself into self-development, healing and spirituality. I went deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole…
In the years prior my father had already introduced me to documentaries such as ‘The Secret’ and ‘What the bleep do we know?!’.
I started discovering so many things and bought my first Tarot deck that year.
Unfortunately my studies and career were taking away all my time and I learned a harsh but firm lesson when I ended up in the hospital during my graduation year in 2012. At 25-years old I suffered from a severe burnout, which had temporarily shut down the left side of my body. It was the wake-up call I needed but I was lucky to have become so self-aware in the years prior. Because of this self-awareness I immediately recognized and honored my body’s distress call and went even deeper into the rabbit hole.
In the following 4 years I acquired more knowledge about health, self-development and spirituality. I had become a completely different person.
In those 4 years I worked on overcoming my fears one by one and I felt stronger and more secure each and every day.
I had always been the kind of person people turned to for advice but in those 4 years the amount of people that asked me for my help and advice increased slowly.

It wasn’t until 2016 when I met my twin flame that I was thrown into a next level of awareness. And boy… it was an intense experience!
After we met his energy blew my chakra’s wide open and I was thrown in this extremely intense purging, clearing and healing journey. I started getting so many visions, dreams, signs and synchronicities.
Even before we met my body started shaking for about a week and I thought I was losing my mind. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me and didn’t know about twin flames. Luckily the shaking and extreme anxiety stopped the morning of our first date. I had read about twin flames once and thought it was a load of crap so I had forgotten about it. When these dreams, visions, signs and synchronicities didn’t stop for 2 months straight I started doing research and even though I was still very skeptical, I realized that I was indeed a twin flame. The visions, dreams, signs and synchronicities never stopped. For 5 years my life was basically all about clearing my energy, healing, learning and journeying back into a state of true unconditional love.

My friends followed my entire journey and shared these insights I shared with them with their friends. My energy had gotten so clear that I had become a clear channel and I started receiving messages for them. It wasn’t long until I started receiving requests to do readings.
It’s not something I ever felt I would be doing, nor is it something I felt comfortable doing. Because the future is never absolute, it’s ever changing and we create and change our future with every thought we make…
Still I felt I was being pushed to do this work so I started doing them.
With success. The readings were accurate so word of mouth led me to give more readings. However, this is probably not something I will be pursuing in the future.
It’s nice to know that I have become a clear channel, and that I am able to receive these messages but… I would rather help to empower others so they can help themselves. This is what Nova Light Warrior is all about. It’s about empowering others with knowledge, information and tools so they can become the best version of themselves. Empowering them so they can overcome any situation life throws at them and become true warriors of light.

My mission with Nova Light Warrior is to inspire, help, heal and support others in their journey through life. To help them see the importance of unconditional love and to encourage them to step out of fear-based patterns and into love.
I help people and animals with their mental, emotional and physical health & well-being through spiritual practice, inspiration, guidance, coaching, reflection, healing, holistic health and self-development.
Update 2023: I’m currently studying Western and Vedic Astrology and studying to become a herbalist to be able to help people in multiple different ways. I also work as an Ecstatic Dance facilitator for Ecstatic Dance Amersfoort in The Netherlands.

With love and light,
Sylvia de Boer