A New Era of Masculinity: Rise of the Divine Masculine

A lot of women on social media write about feminism, which is wonderful. It’s great to see so much attention for equality. Even the fashion industry has picked up on this, brands like H&M and Bershka sell t-shirts with texts like ‘This is what a feminist looks like’, ‘Feminist’, ‘We should all be feminists’ etc…
It’s wonderful to see that women are taking back their power in society but…
I’ve always been someone to see multiple sides to every story and look behind the veil of illusions within society.
For true equality to occur between the masculine and feminine polarities there is still something crucial missing…

The people who know me might have noticed that I (as a female) sometimes post things on Facebook to encourage males to open their heart and step into their Divine Masculine energy with pride.
This is because change doesn’t happen when it’s one sided.
Throughout history women have been repressed in certain area’s of life whilst men have been suppressed in their emotions.

From history we have learned that there is definitely an imbalance of power.
However… the image we’ve portrayed on what a masculine man should be like and how they should act also plays a large role in this.
What I’ve noticed is that there is little to no attention for the sensitive, kind men out there. In movies they are often portrayed as being shy, geeky guys who don’t get the girl. Whilst the bad boys are portrayed as athletic jocks with little respect for women. Of course this isn’t always the case in real life, these are stereotypes we, as a society, have bought into.

Men are told to ‘BE A MAN!’, they are told to hide their feelings, to “STOP CRYING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!”.

During my life I’ve noticed that the men in my life were often more sensitive than the women in my life. Of course I had seen society’s view of men. I realize I am lucky to have an amazing role model in my father. He was never afraid to show his sensitivity and kindness. He really wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly! Growing up with a father figure like that moulded my view of men.
Talking to many boys and men over the years also led me to realize that the vulnerability they were showing me wasn’t something they were used to…
I always honoured these men for having the courage and strength to show me their sensitive side and be vulnerable.

I learned that society as a whole, saw men as having to be tough, not show emotion… suppressing their feelings… which in turn leads men onto a very wrong path… Not being able to express their true authentic self. Putting on a mask…
What i’ve noticed is that there is little to no attention for the sensitive, kind men out there. The men in my life are mostly all sensitive and kind.
During my teens I was drawn to be friends with boys instead of girls because the girls would gossip constantly and I hated gossiping. I’d end up preferring to spend time with the boys because we would have fun and talk about more interesting stuff like future career plans.

At one point I was approached by a girl in my class asking me if I was a lesbian because I always preferred hanging out with the boys. Well no…. it was the exact opposite actually… I appreciated boys and could always see right through their masks and tough exterior.

Divine Masculine DefinitionI am not just talking about men who do not express their sensitivity… the masculine energy also means strength and courage. It’s balance.
The pure Divine Masculine energy is a beautiful balance of strength, courage, sensitivity and vulnerability. It takes courage and strength to show your vulnerability. When I’m talking about the Divine Masculine energy, it’s an energy every single person on the planet, regardless of gender, has within them. Just in different balances. But the more a man integrates this true Divine Masculine energy… the more he and his feminine counterpart will find balance within themselves and within their relationship. Which will then reflect onto society as a whole.

“A healthy representation of the Divine Masculine is witnessed through a person who is strong, but gentle. He has an appropriate action of guidance and leadership without the need of praise or ego-stroking. He turns away from greed and conflict, and instead stays in a space of honor, honesty and diplomacy. He is confident but not arrogant, and adventurous but not reckless. He is someone who makes you feel safe, supported and protected either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.” – JOHN BURGOS

During a workshop, I met a man who was so ashamed by men as a whole that he was suppressing his own masculine energy. He did this because he feared hurting women in some way or another. By suppressing his masculinity, it contracted his energy… he was always overcome by feelings of guilt and shame for his own gender and in turn… for himself…
The workshop was led by a spiritual man and the participants were all women, except the man who had suppressed his masculinity… during the workshop the man leading the workshop invited the only man in the group to get in touch with his masculine energy. He stomped his feet and let out a big roar of energy. He felt his strength rush back, a smile appeared on his face and his energy increased. It was a beautiful sight to see. I encouraged him, cheered him on as he embraced his raw masculine energy. I saw a massive shift in his energy. This timid, kind, guilt ridden man suddenly stepped into his power and became a source of masculine power! The man who led the workshop asked the women what they thought about the stomping and roaring. I was very sad to hear that the women were actually a bit frightened of his energy! It hurt my heart to hear this… those women were taught to fear men by society… and by him stomping his feet and roaring it triggered fear in the women present.
When he asked me how I had experienced this I told the man how proud I was of him! That he had embraced his masculine energy. The man and workshop leader both lit up with a big smile on their faces and gave me a heartfelt “Thank you”… The workshop leader invited the other women to look back on their lives to see why they are so afraid of the masculine energy. And often it wasn’t even related to them but to experiences of their ancestors or their fathers – Who had also been conditioned by society to show strength but little emotion.

I think it is important, as a woman to write about this. To bring this issue to the table from a feminine perspective. To help men step into their Divine Masculine energy. To help them express their true authentic self. To not be afraid to open their hearts, to not be afraid to be vulnerable… to express how they feel.

It’s time we redefine the view on masculinity. To let the open-hearted Divine Masculine emerge stronger than ever and embrace his counterpart, the Divine Feminine. It is the only way to reach a true masculine-feminine balance within society.

Justin Baldoni, who plays Rafael on the hit series ‘Jane the Virgin’ is a great example of a man who has integrated the Divine Masculine energy.

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